A man in Chhattisgarh has lodged a complaint against two of his sons accusing them of killing his pet dog. The man devasted by the death of his dog from Surajpur district of the state complained to the police that his sons attacked his animal with a sharp weapon, leading to its death. Shivmangal Sai said that his dog was a peace-loving creature and never caused any harm. He had been taking care of the dog for the past one year. Shivmanal carried the body of his dog on a bicycle for ten kilometres to the police station complaining about his sons.

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Times of India quoted Sai as saying, “But my sons had a problem with my ‘jhabbu’ and using a sharp weapon they attacked it on its head leading to its death. I wasn’t present at home when the incident took place. It’s very disturbing for me to see my pet dead. Sai also said that not all family members had agreed to the decision of keeping a pet at home. Following Sai’s complaint, an FIR was lodged under Section 429 of the cruelty against animals act at Bhatgaon police station. The incident took place on Wednesday evening.

According to the report, Investigational officer Subhash Thakur said that one of Sai’s sons killed the dog in a fit of rage for barking continuously at his mother. Fearing that the dog may attack the woman, he killed the dog while another supported him. Police arrested the main accused Santdhari on Thursday and further probe is currently underway. The man said that he treated the dog like his own son and always had food with it.