Short films are an intelligent film viewer’s delight because they provide wholesome entertainment, with crisp editing, strong script, powerhouse acting and no-nonsense. A short film generally deals with strong social issues and brings forth bitter truths of life, our society and of our nation. This time ‘Chhuri’ is another short film which is being applauded by Twitterati for its awesome acting and strong script. The movie is directed by Mansi Jain and brings to light the infidelity of a cheating spouse in a household. The film stars Tisca Chopra, Anurag Kashyap, and Surveen Chawla and is being well loved by the Twitter users who watched it and went ahead to call it a brilliant film.

The film showcases how a dutiful Indian wife is supposed to turn a blind eye to her husband’s unfaithful ways and handles his extra-marital affair with tact and diplomacy. Instead of crying and feeling sad for her plight the wife in Chhuri (Tisca Chopra) kills it with her sharp politeness. She confronts the ‘other woman’ instead of picking fights with her cheating husband and delivers the message that she is neither naïve nor a fool. Tisca Chopra received accolades from people on social media who hailed her performance. One user called her the ‘Queen’, while other commented on her ‘wonderful job’. Hichki Trailer Video: Rani Mukerji’s Class Act in Depicting Tourette Syndrome Has Bowled Over Twitterati

Watch the short film here:

Sample a few tweets from people who are appreciating the short film Chhuri.

Tisca Chopra is Queen

Revenge is better served cold

Hats off to Tisca Chopra

The short film which released yesterday has been garnering rave reviews from viewers on social media. The movie comes from the makers of ‘Chutney’ another powerhouse short film. Chhuri has already gone viral on YouTube and garnered 247,278 views in a day. Don’t miss watching it.