In a recent incident, a child came across a life threatening situation when the child was about to be run over by a train. The shocking incident took place at the Ambernath railway station on Sunday around 4.00 pm IST, when the child by a man from being run over by a local train.Lately there have been many accidents occurring on railway tracks. Some happen due to overcrowding, some due to negligence.

It was only a matter of second when the child dashed across the railway tracks and a man saved the child by pulling him back on the tracks. The whole incident was captured in the CCTV cameras at Amebernath railway station on December 20, 2015. The Badlapur Railway Protection Force officials have reported that apparently the parents of the child got separated at different platforms.

The child tried to reach his parents by running across the railway track when a local train was approaching the platform. The RPF inspector calls it nothing put a miracle that the child was saved by a passenger just a few minutes before the train ran into the platform. (ALSO READ: Top 5 deadly train accidents in the past 5 years)