A chilling video of an arch bridge collapsing into a bay in eastern Taiwan has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. At least 14 people are believed to have been trapped as the bridge along with the oil tanker descended onto the fishing boats down.

A nearby CCTV camera caught dramatic footage of the bridge slowly giving in. The footage is no less than a cinematic rendition. It’s devastating, bone-chilling if you even try to image the extent of the damage, but at the same time, it’s worth a second look, a third look — for it’s natural, not a movie shot.


The bridge was completed in 1998 as many on social media are cracking the made-in-china joke, implying that China-made things are prone to easily cave in.


There’s another video of the same mishap which has been taken from the dock, it seems.

According to reports, the weather at the time of the mishap was sunny. However, the collapse can be attributed to a typhoon that swept the island. But how the strong bridge could come down in a moment is beyond anyone’s imagination. It has not yet been ascertained whether the bridge was weakened because of the typhoon.

The Nanfangao bridge was one of the major tourist attractions. It was built to replace a lower bridge that prevented large fishing vessels from passing under it. According to reports, it was the only single-span arch bridge in Taiwan and the second single arch-cable steel bridge in the world.