How much is too much drinking? Well one man in China thought he had had one to many the previous night and that he would be caught drunk driving the next day, making him take the extreme step of throwing himself off an expressway.

According to Shanghaiist, the man was driving down an expressway in Xuzhou when he noticed that the police were stopping cars for a sobriety test, and to avoid having to undergo the test, he decided to jump from the bridge.

In the video, the man could be seen stopping his vehicle on the road, getting out and running to the opposite side of the expressway. He manages to avoid getting hit by cars coming from the opposite side, and even tried to hail a taxi going the other way. And when the vehicle did not stop, he ran back to the edge of the bridge and jumped off. Watch the video:

The man managed to evade the police on the expressway but was caught by another policeman later on. A report on the incident stated that the man was found with a broken leg, and when questioned by the officer, he revealed that he had been drinking the previous night and was worried that the alcohol would be detected in the test, which is why he tried to run away.

The report further revealed that the man was taken for treatment to a hospital where no alcohol was found in his body.