July 25: A middle-aged woman was brutally mauled and dragged away by a tiger in China’s famous Badaling Wildlife World on Saturday. A chilling video of the incident has surfaced online. The incident happened while the woman was on a safari with her family. The woman got out of the car at the wrong place in wildlife sanctuary and paid dearly for it. Another person from the woman’s family was also injured, in an attempt to save the woman from the tiger. The woman died on the spot.

According to a Guardian report, the woman had stepped out of the vehicle, despite repeated warnings to tourists to not do so. The woman had got out of the car, after having an argument with her fellow travellers. The video of the incident has gone viral online. It shows the woman being dragged off by the tiger, which attacked her suddenly. Two more people followed the tiger and one of them was injured in an attempt to save the woman. The Yanqing district government confirmed that the attack took place at the park situated at the foot of the Great Wall. ALSO READ: Delhi zoo killing: Family of youth mauled by white tiger demands action against security guards

Besides this, the police revealed few other details. The man, who was injured in the incident, is being treated. The Wildlife park allows people to drive their own vehicles around, but are not allowed to step out in certain enclosures. Park officials are not answering any queries about the incident, since it has been shut down for two days.