English singer and songwriter Chris Martin from the band Coldplay who war born on March 2, 1977 turned 39 today. The lead vocalist and co-founder of the band Coldplay known for lending his rousing and brilliant voice for the amazing songs of Coldplay is currently one of the most popular Brit pop artist.

But did you know Coldplay was originally names Pectoralz, followed by temporarily named Starfish until the name Coldplay was carefully chosen as the most apt one. Fr the last decade, Brit band Coldplay is the best-selling band and of course the lead singer’s identifiable style makes it all the more popular.

On his birthday we share with you the best of Coldplay; Scientist, In my place, Strawberry swing and more. Listen to the best tracks of the band Coldplay here and wish the best front man ever a very happy birthday! (ALSO READ:You’ll love Chris Martin’s Coldplay Carpool Karaoke session)