Google celebrates December 25 as Christmas with their annual ‘Happy Holidays’ doodles. They have rolled out a special Doodle for the festival. The illustration shows the Doodle is decorated with the various Christmas ornaments and the ‘L’ alphabet of Google’s logo is a decorated with a big Christmas tree with a star on the top. That’s not all, there are two reindeers who are resting and waiting for the celebrations. There are two santas resting on the rocking chair with gifts in their hand.

While Christmas is observed majorly by Christians around the world, over the years it is celebrated by people of different beliefs and traditions. Christmas has now become an integral part of the holiday season with the Christmas Eve becoming a major celebration. Christmas is also said to be the short form of Christ’s mass. The word ‘Christmas’ has been derived from the old English word ‘Cristes Maesse’, which means the Mass of Christ.

And of course our love for Santa Claus who never gets old! While that is the celebratory part, Christmas is annually celebrated on December 25 commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.

According to Christians, Bible says that Jesus, the son of God was born to Mother Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem around 2000 years ago. December 25 is considered as Christmas has a lot of legends and stories attached to it. The Romans chose December 25 as it marked the winter solstice, the shortest and darkest day of the year as it would also mark the beginning of longer days. On these days, the Sun would be present for a longer spell in the sky.