From the makers of Happy & Merry, H&M presents Katy Perry in the New Year festive commercial! It is refreshing to find pop star Katy Perry’s new music in this festive commercial. Katy is all excited about the H&M holiday ad because well it’s always a holiday in Katy Perry’s world!

Who could possibly have fit into this vibrant, lively and colourful mixture of festive vibe sharing video other than the quirky Katy Perry. You would come to know what we are talking about once you listen to the commercial.(ALSO READ: This John Lewis Man on the Moon Christmas ad will give you happy tears)

Katy Perry has collaborated with H&M on their holiday campaign and has come up with the most festive song commercial ever. You would thanks Katy for this beautiful festive gift ahead of the festive season. The singer looks all happy and merry as she makes her debute in the H&M’s holiday campaign. If you have not yet settled into the holiday mood before, this video is probably all you need to watch right now.

The video has some very adorable giant gingerbread men, polar bears posing and dancing alongside Katy. Not to forget the nut crackers, Christmas trees and everything glittery and festive in the video. In fact the video is very Katy Perry! So if you haven’t seen the video yet, check out Katy Perry and H&M ad here and get ready for the holidays, and tell us how do you like it.