twins suffering from leukemia

Christmas 2015 turned out to be a pleasant surprise for these twins suffering from cancer! The two boys, who appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show along with their mother, granny and granddad were in for not one but a lot of surprise gifts. The innocent boys, who seemed oblivious to their suffering, were in a happy mood. The twins were diagnosed with leukaemia when they were three. The little kids couldn’t believe the special presents they got for Christmas on the show!

The family got two all-expenses paid trips and several gifts for the twin patients. The two boys also got to meet Santa and their favourite characters from Legoland, and got to travel to Legoland in a white Limousine car!

This effort was part of the Text Santa initiative of The Jeremy Kyle Show. Watch the video Twins Suffering From Leukaemia Get a Christmas Surprise – it shall bring a smile to your face!