After the World Environment Day 2018, concerns have risen over the plastic waste pollution and the ways to get rid of it. Highlighting the pitiable condition of natural resources, the Citarum river in Indonesia’s West Java has been touted as the most polluted river on Earth. The Indonesian river receives 20,000 tons of waste and hence, 3,40,000 tons of wastewater every single day. The reason behind this pollution is the waste which comes from the textile factories, which gets disposed into the river water. Furthermore, the Citarum river water has devastated a huge part of marine life.

Citarum river is the longest river in Indonesia, spanning over 300km. It supplies piped water to the provincial capital of Bandung as well as the country’s capital Jakarta. The river water is also used to sustain fish farms and irrigate 400,000 hectares of paddy fields. Making it one of the strategic river basins of Indonesia, the water is used to fill reservoirs that generate about two gigawatts of hydropower.

Watch the video of the world’s most polluted river, Citarum here:

People who are living alongside the polluted river are suffering from serious health problems. The Citarum River serves water to 25 million people daily, who are dependent on it for various things like agriculture, water, and electricity.

Meanwhile, a fisherman who lives on the banks of the Citarum River, laughed when he was asked about his income. He told that from the past 5 years his income is made by selling glass waste, and he is no longer a fisherman. Not only the marine life, the poor water quality damages the agricultural crops too.