A Coldplay fan couldn’t believe himself when Chris Martin invited him to the stage to sing with him. The disabled man was on at a Coldplay concert in Dublin on Sunday and received once-in-a-lifetime experience. The man on a wheelchair, Rob was crowd surfed at the Coldplay concert at Croke Park near to the stage. That was when Chris Martin saw him and invited him to perform on stage. As soon as Rob reached the stage Chris gave him a hug, whispered something into his ears and introduced the sea of a crowd to him. Chris made space for Rob moving out speakers and pulled the wheelchair to the stage to the man’s excitement. And no sooner the 29-year-old personal trainer was on the stage singing with the band.

Rob had not gone empty handed to the stage, he had a harmonica with him which he pulled out and sang. The duo then performed an impromptu traditional song about Dublin together. Talking to BBC about his experience, Rob said, “A lad fell on me. A few friends insisted on lifting me and getting me a better view. Suddenly I was on stage with Coldplay. The moment I came down, I got a glimpse of the celebrity life. The video has gone viral since, and my phone hasn’t stopped.” An excited crowd erupted in delight once again at the kind gesture and unusual gig experience. Chris Martin surprises sick fan before show in Philippines

Watch the video here:

 “We are going to write this song together, see what this song says about you, about Dublin, about Ireland,” Chris told the crowd at their Head Full of Dreams tour in Croke Park. Soon after Coldplay shared the video on Twitter it went viral with people praising Chris for the kind gesture.