If you were offended by the Hymn For the Weekend music video by Coldplay, get ready to be blown away by the brand new single of the Brit band! Coldplay dropped the brand new music video for their song Up&Up from the album A Head Full of Dreams! You will be amazed to see the surreal video of this latest track by Chris Martin and the rest of the band. This seems to be the best of the Coldplay music videos ever!

Coldplay Up&Up song music video features the band in the most exquisite montage of scenes, but what makes it trippy is that the video is a visual treat of starkly juxtaposed everyday things creating a nothing but mind-blowing visual experience. The third single off of the Coldplay’s latest album A Head Full of Dreams has already become a colossal hit among the fans within few hours of the song release.(ALSO READ: Coldplay & A R Rahman’s mashup is so amazing you’ll be playing it on loop!)

Both the song and the video has such a calming effect on you, that you will bid goodbye to your midweek blues, and lose yourself in this immaculately made music video featuring giant-like Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Chris Martin! (ALSO READ: Listen to best of Coldplay jukebox here).

You have a Turtle swimming in a subway, volcanoes erupting popcorn, upside down world, eagles flying underwater and sea creatures swimming above the New York sky in this surreal music video. Devoid of any barriers of dimensions this Up&Up music video by Coldplay is the best artistic thing that you are about to witness today! watch Coldplay’s visually satisfying Up&Up music video here!