January 29: Remember when Coldplay was just randomly sighted filming in Mumbai, sending everybody into a mad frenzy of excitement? Well, they just dropped the music video for the same and it’s an absolute feast for the senses. The popular British band’s music is, as always, delightfully soothing and the visuals are absolutely amazing with a riot of colours and fireworks and beautiful scenery. And if all of that is not enough, you have pop queen Beyonce Knowles featuring as a, wait-for-it, a Bollywood actress! Also Read: OMG! Sonam Kapoor to be seen in Coldplay song Hymn For The Weekend with Beyonce! (Listen to song)

Beyonce, who has also sung the song along with Chris Martin, can be seen in an eclectic and flowy dress with henna on her hands and playing a Bollywood diva in a film playing in a theatre. Chris Martin can be seen roaming around Bombay in the cab and amongst merry makers and enchanted kids playing Holi. Bollywood actress and fashionista Sonam Kapoor also makes an appearance towards the end. Just when least expect it, she runs across the frame looking out-of-this-world beautiful in Indian attire. Her earthy and elegant appearance instantly adds to the flavour of the video which has some amazing cinematography.

Sonam, as expected is on cloud nine with the release. She feels excited to have played the part in an international music video and wants to save this story for posterity. She tweeted about the video, “A story to tell my grandkids! I was in a @Coldplay video! Woo hoo! #biggestfan

Watch the video and bask in the flavours of India in a fresh way!