Wagah Border. What comes instantly to your mind when we imagine this place? A place where there are several armed soldiers with their loaded gun standing on either side of the India and Pakistan border gate. In the evening, these soldiers get ready for the Beating the Retreat Ceremony.

Funny man Atul Kahtri talks about his experiences at the Wagah Border and shares his utmost views on China invading India. One of the rising stars in comedy – Atul Khatri – tickles our funny bone with his fabulous jokes and reminds us not to take life too seriously. Atul being a half-Indian and half-Pakistani, cracks jokes on himself and says he’s constantly at war with himself because of this scenario. One can see him explaining the whole atmosphere of the Wagah Border in a very entertaining way.

The best joke cracked by him is ‘Jai Kisne Bola’, which can leave every viewer in splits. And just because he doesn’t like China and Chinese troops, this English stand-up comedian cracks jokes on them, which will make each one of you laugh out loud.

We share this video, wherein Atul Khatri who is a Sindhi cracks hilarious jokes on himself. This stand-up comedian from East India Company wipes out all the seriousness with his instant and funny one-liners.

Watch the video and get ready to have a stomach ache with his comic jokes!