Comedian Trevor Noah has apologised after facing backlash for his racist remark on the escalating tension between India and Pakistan. The host of ‘The Daily Show’ took to microblogging site Twitter and said that in his world, he uses his comedy to process pain and discomfort. He further said he was not trying to hurt anyone with his remarks.

His tweet reads, “Actually if you watch my stand up you’ll see that I did make jokes after my mother was shot in the head. As a comedian, I use comedy to process pain and discomfort in my world but I am sorry that this hurt you and others, that’s not what I was trying to do.” (sic)

His apology was followed by a comment by a Twitter user who wrote about his mother being shot on her head by his stepfather. He wrote, “It’s sad when someone who’s had a violent past mocks war through a Bollywood stereotype. @Trevornoah ‘s mother was shot in the head by her husband(Trevor’s stepfather). Imagine someone making fun of it with a Xhosa stereotype – the tribe his mum belongs to.”

After the backlash, 35-years-old Noah tweeted again and said that he is amazed to see how his comment on the conflict trended more than the actual conflict itself on social media. Now, while his earlier statement was deemed downright racist and insensitive on Twitter, the internet is now abuzz with how his new statement is even more offensive.

Noah tweeted, “It’s amazing to me that my joke about the conflict in India and Pakistan trended more than the story of the actual conflict itself. Sometimes it seems like people are more offended by the jokes comedians make about an issue than the issue itself.” (sic)

During a segment on the show, Noah mocked the situation between India and Pakistan. He said, “It would be the most entertaining war ever.”

He further commented, “Hope Indian and Pakistan don’t go to war. But if they did go to war, it would probably be the most entertaining war of all time, yeah. Because the Indian Soldiers would run out on the battlefield and that’d be like – *Stereotypical Indian Accent* Time for you to die *sings in hindi* (auro ki life difficult kar tu). It will also be the longest war of all time. Another Dance Number!”