The world is a strange place and is full of ingenious people who find novel ways to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. So we have a man who trains his bunny rabbit to dunk basketballs and vacuum his own poop and who eventually bagged a Guinness Book of World Records for the highest number of slam dunks and another Chinese woman who has become an internet sensation through her cooking videos. However, she does not cook in a normal mundane kitchen but in her office using office equipment. She cooks food at her office desk using her office equipment and documents them in videos which she shares on YouTube. Naturally, she has become a star on the internet and people are going crazy over ingenuity. She cooks pancakes, hot pot, pizza and even flame-grills a fish in her office. Chinese woman faints in shock after discovering that the jade bracelet she accidentally broke cost US$44,000!

In many offices where even eating at one’s desk is not allowed this Chinese woman who goes by the name “Ms Yeah” has become an internet star by cooking at her office desk using office equipment only. Her quirky videos that were uploaded on China’s social media site Weibo has become viral. The 23-year-old woman has amassed huge numbers of fans even outside China when she posted videos on YouTube which is blocked in mainland China. Her videos can be taken as survival hacks. Women Gets Discounts According To Their Bra Size At This Chinese Restaurant!

Watch her cook fish on hand in office

Watch her here roasting a chicken in flowerpot in office

Ms. Yeah’s videos are a cooking masterclass in itself; we are sure she can make a great camper and if she ever teams up with wildlife survivor Bear Grylls than the programme will definitely be a hoot. Her videos are funny and novel and has no narration. She comes up with really ingenious ways of cooking food in office and not just ready to cook food like ramen, noodles or soup but full main course meal like roasted chicken, grilled fish, pizzas and more. The colleagues who feature in her videos also lend an element of hilarity to the videos, sometimes they even try their hand at cooking the way she does.