A police officer from the United Kingdom is getting lots of accolades for saving a lorry driver’s life while risking his own. Roads Policing Officer Martin Willis received a call in the early hours of Friday about a road crash on the A1 highway in West Yorkshire. He was one of the first cop who responded to the call for help and on reaching the crash site he discovered that a van had overturned and was precariously dangling off the bridge. The hapless driver was trapped inside and with every passing truck, the lorry swayed risking the life of the driver. Martin Willis said, “I walked on the hard shoulder to the incident and I as I did so a lorry driver, who was not involved in the incident, shouted across to say there was a chap upside down in the van.” The officer held onto the lorry’s rear tyre with bare hands ensuring that the van does not slip off the bridge carrying the driver who was trapped inside. The picture soon went viral and twitter users applauded the cop and called him Superman.

Martin Willis sprang into action promptly and signaled his colleagues to block the highway and held on tight to the lorry’s rear side tyre. Even though there was the danger of slipping off the bridge with the van, the officer Martin Willis stayed calm and kept reassuring the driver trapped inside the lorry for the seemingly long duration of 15 minutes. Martin Willis said, “I told the victim not to panic and said ‘we’re going to get you out of there, whatever you do, don’t move. I then grabbed hold of the rear wheel and pulled inwards which helped to keep the van balanced. I was there for a good 15 minutes I think.” This British Paramedic Uses His Punjabi Speaking Skills To Console A Drunk Guy

The driver was rescued by the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service officers who arrived on the scene and pulled the van to safety. The rescue operation took almost two hours and the lorry driver has been admitted to the hospital since he suffered leg injuries in the crash. Martin Willis who goes by the Twitter handle “Motorway Martin” posted an image which shows him clinging to the upturned lorry. His tweet went viral and he was hailed as a hero and applauded for his brave effort. Gainesville Police Department Cops’ Selfie After Hurricane Irma Work Went Viral As Women Couldn’t Stop Swooning Over Handsome Officers

Motorway Martin tweet

The tweet soon went viral garnering 1,838 retweets and 578 replies. People on Twitter applauded Martin’s brave efforts and hailed him a hero.

Motorway Martin should be renamed as Motorway Marvel

Thanks poured in

You are our hero

That 15 mins must have felt like 4 days

Where is your Superman cape?

Police officers do a lot that goes unnoticed

Martin Willis deserves a medal

Martin Willis’s bravery really gave him the Superman status that he rightly deserves. We often disregard the services that our police officers and firefighters do but they are the people who respond to an emergency situation without thinking twice about their lives and ensure that the people out there are safe and sound.