A hilarious video of a cow has gone viral on the internet. The video, reportedly shot somewhere in Goa, shows a street cow trying to play football with a bunch of young men. First, the cow protects the ball from the players and just doesn’t let anyone take it away from her and then when a player somehow manages to kick it away, she chases the ball by running across the entire ground and seizes it once again.

The video has been shot by one of the onlookers and constant giggling of people and players can be heard in the background. Seeing a cow behaving so protective of the ball left everyone around in the splits. Check this out:

The video was shared on Facebook by a user named Carlos Alvares Ferreira who apparently received it on whatsapp. While sharing the video on Facebook, he wrote, “This video was shared on what’s app with me. And by the way, it is in Goa!!! You will see a true Goan…
Please watch it and share …” (sic).

It’s beautiful to see how such tiny innocent things can lift up your mood sometimes. This was sweet!