Do you love gulping down loads of salads because you like eating healthy, but hate chopping all those veggies takes a lot of time? This super amazing hack will make your life a lot more easier! Using this hack you will be able to chop not one or two but 20 cherry tomatoes in just 5 seconds! All you need for this trick is a kitchen knife, two ceramic plates and of course tomatoes. (ALSO READ: How to use power driller to peel apple in less than 3 seconds!)

You are to arrange the tomatoes on one of the plates, cover it with the other plate facing down. In one swift motion you have to then slide the knife between the two plates, and voila! You will now see all the cherry tomatoes cut into halves in just 5 seconds, which would otherwise take about a minute or two. Check out the video below and do try it the next time.