Animal lovers are in for a treat, if they are to watch this cute video of a baby gorilla taking a bath. One of the cutest videos ever shot, a chimpanzee and a gorilla taking a bath will leave you awestruck. The video, filmed way back in 1967, will leave you drooling over the chemistry the ape duo.

The video of a baby Gorilla (Joe) and a chimpanzee splashing water on each other in ecstasy is a sheer delight to watch. A little reminder for those who thought that these animals are a menace to society. The minute-and-half video by British Pathe on YouTube, depicting the two baby animals enjoying the bath-tub is one of the best vintage videos ever seen. [Also Watch: Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli blamed for India’s exit at World Cup 2015: This spoof of Aap Ki Adalat & KRK will leave you ROFL! (Video)]

The video sees the chimpanzee teasing and being playful, getting drenched with his mate Joe. While the baby chimpanzee is having fun, jumping everywhere and having fun, the baby gorilla is entertaining himself by rolling in the water. Little do the people know that Joe was the only living baby Gorilla in the whole world when the film was shot in 1967!

Both, Baby Joe and Chimpanzee were kept as pets in a zoo in United Kingdom, when the video was shot. Did the video of playful Joe and chimpanzee win your hearts?