Gender stereotyping in India is highly prevalent. From branding everything for girls in pink and everything for men or boys in blue to marking footballs and jerseys as clothes for boys, we have seen it all. Dabur, which is one of the biggest consumer goods manufacturing in India, has also used some very stereotypical advertisements and portrayed products specifically for one gender. However, the Indian million dollar company has finally been called out by a 9-year-old girl, who refused to use Dabur products. Dabur has been forced to change the packaging of their fruit juice, ‘Real’, after a standard three girl refused to drink the juice which was marketed as “Something that is good for your child should also make him smile”, forcing the company to change the packaging! Union minister of women and child development Maneka Gandhi asked Dabur to change its packaging and make it gender neutral, after receiving a complaint from the girl’s father.

The Guwahati based girl was disturbed by the packaging of Real fruit juice, which had a young boy going to school and was marketed towards boys instead of all children. The girl’s father, Mriganka Majumder, initially wrote to Dabur directly but when the brand did not take any action, he wrote to the Union minister of women and child development Maneka Gandhi. Dabur brings Sri Lankan brand Spice Island to India

Maneka Gandhi sought explanation from the manufacturing giant. Dabur responded to the minister saying the term “him” on the pack was not gender-specific but used in a more general sense to connote children. The company has also promised to make the necessary changed on the packaging of the fruit juice. This positive step in the fight for gender neutrality in marketing, especially in a developing country like India, is a huge step forward.