A heart-warming video from Mannarkkad, Kerala from the festival celebrations Mannarkkad Pooram is going viral on social media. In the clip, the dancing crowd make way for the ambulance on the street full of people. The crowd was dancing on the tunes of the top Bollywood songs and the way everyone parted from the middle for the smooth passage of the ambulance. As soon as the ambulance passes away, the crowd again gathers and resume their celebrations.

The video has received a lot of applauds and respect on Twitter. One user wrote, “This is the best thing i have seen in internet today.” While the other wrote, “One of the things that rest of India can learn from #Kerala. And . And this isn’t vile boasting from my end. I have seen year after year, how Keralites, instinctively, make way for ambulance. No matter where, no matter who!”

The video is shared by a Twitter user named Advaid and he tweeted along with the video, “Imagine a huge crowd making way for an Ambulance in a perfect manner!!! This video of a massive festival crowd in Palakkad (Kerala) making way for an Ambulance is viral in Whatsapp The ease at which the people make way for that Ambulance.” (sic)

The video has received 3,297 retweets and 8,121 likes.

Watch the video here:

This is how Twitterati reacted:

The crowd was celebrating Mannarkkad Pooram festival which is the oldest temple festival in Kerala. Every year, the festival is celebrated by thousands of people including tribal population from different parts of Kerala.

However, this is not the first video that has gone viral. Earlier, a video from Ganesh festival in Pune has garnered a lot of attention when the huge crowd parted ways to give way to the ambulance.