The Bengaluru Mass Molestation case has yet again brought up the topic of women’s safety and security in our society. Everybody from the industry has voiced their anger on this grave event, from Akshay Kumar to Shah Rukh Khan. Actresses like Anushka Sharma have also called out the bad state of affairs, and we finally have some proud feminists in Bollywood who are standing up for a social cause. Indian rapper Raftaar, who sang the Dhaakad song in Aamir Khan film Dangal, has also released a music video which beautifully captures the sad turn of events in our country. In an era where the Hindi rap industry is full of sexist, misogynistic songs which consider women to be toys or trophies, this rap song from Raftaar – titled Aurat (woman) – comes as a relief to many. The talented singer presented this rap in an interview to Radio City. The video, which was uploaded on his YouTube channel has since gone viral.

The 90-second rap song Aurat captures how various cases of rape and molestation have been handled by everyone, from the media to the common man. The rapper begins by pointing out how the legal system does not come to a conclusion even when witnesses and proofs are present. It points fingers at endless debates, which do nothing to change the situation for women.

There are various hard-hitting parts of this small rap, which will give you the chills. From how each news of rape or acid attack becomes stale soon for the media to the part where Raftaar openly states how society and men put women down, the entire Aurat rap gives out the harsh reality and has been appreciated by fans on social media. Raftaar’s Aurat song is a welcome change in the Indian rap industry, where derogatory lyrics easily turn into a hit song! (Read: Yo Yo Honey Singh, Badshah.)