The sight of a 50-foot-long sperm whale on the banks of River Seine near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France shocked many on Saturday morning. While generally these mammals are found in sea water, tourists and natives of the place were equally shocked and perplexed at the sight of a huge whale which seemed to have washed on the banks of the river. Well, the dead whale is actually an art installation to raise awareness about the increasing number of whale deaths in the world. The whale that looks quite real was brought to Paris to raise awareness about the about how humans disrupt the ecological system of marine animals.

The whale, named Captain was brought to Paris by the Captain Boomer Collective, a Dutch art collective which spreads awareness about whale and depleting environment to educate people around the world. People even took social media to tell that the installation even smelled like a beached whale. Captain Boomer has come up in various places around the world from where people could learn about the sperm whales and their habitat. As per the Captain Boomer Collective’s website, the whale is accompanied by scientists who teach people about the whale. Seven Foot Dead Whale Washes Ashore Rajodi Beach in Maharashtra

People took to Twitter to share pictures of the installations, here are some of them:

Bart Van Peel a member of the group told The Sun that installation is about raising environmental awareness. He also said he wanted to awake “the child in everyone who still is puzzled about what is real and what is not”.