Remember that time when Mihir Virani returned to Tulsi and his family after being declared dead or Anurag Basu returned to take revenge of his supposed death from Aparna after a few episodes? Many of us slammed the makers for being too dramatic and too unreal in their approach towards these shows for the details like these. But little did we know that they weren’t entirely wrong. A man in Bihar returned to his family after he was presumed dead by people and the news is being read and shared widely ever since.

A 49-year-old man, named Sanjeev Kumar, from Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, returned when his family was observing the 13th-day ritual of mourning after his presumable death. Turns out that Sanjeev went missing on August 25 after which his family filed a police complaint. A few days later, the police found the body of an unidentified man at Gandak river in Muzaffarpur. After the post-mortem, the body was claimed by Sanjeev’s father Ram Sevak Thakur as that of his son. The family then cremated the man and even observed the 13-day mourning period only to find that Sanjeev was still alive.

Sanjeev’s father talked to news agency ANI and revealed he was very happy to have found his son back. “On August 25, he went missing then we filed the report in the police. Later, we got to know about the body. We claimed the body as our son. We brought the body with us and cremated it. We are very happy now that our son is back,” he said.

Well, life has strange and weird ways to show you that don’t ever think about beating it at its game!