Deepika Padukone uses her fashion label ‘All About You’ to enlighten us with something we all need to know. After sharing about the unspoken rules of marriage, this time these women get chatting about aspirations. So find out about the perfect professional life of an average working Indian woman and their idea of a perfect job. For one it is getting satisfying sleep at night after on something worthwhile. Another lady chirps about how her work just the idea of her work makes her rush to her workplace every morning. (ALSO READ: Deepika Padukone’s All About You video is about unspoken rules of marriage).

They also share with us their ideals of professional success. Be it striving to be a good leader or talking about monetary benefits, these women seem to have figured it all! If you thought women had to abide by certain norms of society, be it in their professional or personal lives, watch this video. Know how today’s strong and independent women deal with their ambitions and career. Share your ambitions and join the conversation using #AllAboutAspirations.