Deepika Padukone's My Choice and Govinda's Meri Marzi – the mash-up that wins the Internet!

While the Internet is going gaga about a new video starring Deepika Padukone and 98 other women called My Choice, the first spoof is already out and it’s hilarious. The video, uploaded by verbalviolence14, has been juxtaposed with the Govinda’s cult classic song Meri Marzi from The Gambler, and it’s left us laughing! Deepika Padukone’s video My Choice is directed by Homi Adjania – the director of her film Finding Fanny. The video, shared on YouTube, shows the actress asking people to change their mindset and not to judge women based on their clothes, profession, sexuality or life choice.

The Piku actress says in the video: “It is my choice to live life the way I want, to wear clothes I like, to decide how I want my body to be, when I want to get married or if I ever want to walk down the aisle, to decide if I want to be straight or a lesbian.”

The clip is part of Vogue India‘s initiative on women’s empowerment, which is still a bit bizarre, considering the magazine has been telling women how to be beautiful since 1892! Nevertheless, watch the mash-up video of Deepika Padukone’s My Choice and Govinda’s Meri Marzi that brings home the point just as easily!

Update: Apparently, the mash-up has been removed because Conde Nast India (the company that owns Vogue) deemed it a breach of copyright. Sahil Rizwan’s tweet best sums up our views.

So we’re sharing the Facebook post of the video, which is still playing:


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