The row over Deepika Padukone’s My Choice does not seem to have gained a lot of support from womankind. While some women agreed and found Vogue‘s message innovative, a majority of the female population refused to subscribe to the ideas propagated. The video also received backlash from the opposite gender with response videos portraying the male version of the same expressing resentment.

This video is a similar reaction from a woman who rubbishes the concept and attempts to explain the real meaning of feminism to the makers of the video. She asks, “Is feminism all about fight for special privileges? Is it about looking superior to men?” Obviously not! She further reiterates her stance by saying, “It is simply fighting against discrimination and fighting for equality.” (Revealed! Deepika Padukone’s My Choice video – a marketing gimmick to sell shampoo, sanitary pads!)

She believes the video to be hogwash and accuses it of quashing the real meaning of feminism. According to her, it Deepika Padukone’s My Choice also fails to highlight the real meaning of a woman’s cause. She lashes out at the concept, which suggests that it is a woman’s choice to have sex outside marriage, stating that feminism has reached so low that it now ‘preaches cheating’.

The Piku heroine is also being trolled on Facebook via memes where social helpers like cobblers and vegetable sellers refuse to oblige to her requests by retorting, ‘It’s My Choice, My Life’. Watch the video here:

(Edited by Krishnan Iyer)