December 21: This time around Delhi comic con was especially special. The Game of Thrones had a presence over there, with actor Kristian Nairn, taking the pains of coming all the way to meet fans. Oh, you don’t recognise him? He’s the guy who plays the lovable character Hodor in the franchise! And going along with the video, Hodor, I mean, Kritian had a lot of fun, getting all the adoration from the Indian fan base.

Being Indian host Sahil Khattar takes us around the Comic Con premises in Delhi, asking the people crazy quirky questions and getting equally crazy and quirky answers from them. Khattar even got to get a ride from Hodor! Well, not from the real Hodor, but the one that was pretty much like Hodor, except the Indian accent. Khattar asked people about what fascinated people about the series and expectedly people replied it was all about the politics.. Oh and also the sex. *ahem ahem* Also Read: Indian Game of Thrones? Hodor says ‘wait until our version is finished’!

Watch what quirky answers people from Dilwalon ki Dilli gave when asked about the wildly popular series.  Especially watch out for the rib tickling encounter of the host with Hodor himself. Khattar talks to him about Indian shit and more and trust me it’s a treat!