Policing traffic in New Delhi would be a nightmare for any seasoned cop, especially when it comes to two-wheelers where the riders often break the rules by not wearing helmets. But even though they come face-to-face every day with such behaviour, the cops still take it upon themselves to educate lawbreakers of the safety of wearing helmets. During the National Road Safety Week, Delhi Traffic Police came up with a unique way to teach people about safety.

In videos that were shared on the Twitter page of the Delhi Traffic Police, cops were seen singing and talking about the importance of wearing helmets.

In one instance, a cop wearing a helmet could be seen with a placard and mirror standing at the side of the road. The cop, Head Constable Sandeep Kumar, is seen holding the mirror in front of motorists before showing them a placard reading, “Kyunki aaina jhooth nahi bolta (Because the mirror never lies)”. After he has shown them all the messages another cop steps in to hand the motorists a flyer.

Even leading fast bowler of the Indian cricket team Ishant Sharma joined the traffic police in spreading the message of road safety.

The efforts of the Delhi Police have not gone unnoticed, with many tweeting their praise for the all that the cops were doing.

But as always, in the end, it is up to the motorists to take up the advice and live by it for their own safety.