Demonetisation has brought different takes to the forefront. Some are unhappy while some are rejoicing. The new pink Rs. 2000 and the new Rs. 500 have emerged as the biggest social media stars with umpteen numbers of jokes doing the rounds on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. Everyone has been eager to lay their hands on the new printed notes. After the new notes were launched and people had trouble procuring them from the banks and ATM, it became the new selfie sensation. People found their 15 seconds of fame if they had the Rs.2000 note in their hands. Later it dawned on them that getting change of Rs.2000 is much harder than getting the note.

Lapping up on the interest and fad there were accessories being sold with the pictures of Rs.2000 printed on it. Wallets, purses, phone covers quickly flooded the local market. The products even found their way on Ebay. It is not the first time that the designers have gone berserk with their idea. Whatsapp sarees and Facebook sarees and even apple icon sarees have been seen earlier. The latest to join the bandwagon is the Rs.2000 saree. Shops in Gujarat are selling these Rs.2000 sarees. Shiv Shaini, a Surat trader came up with this innovative design keeping in mind that people have gone crazy over demonetization and the new note. He said, “Rs 2,000 note is new in India. Few days back saree with Modi ji’s face also came. So, we thought of coming up with this saree. The reason was to try something new.” purse

Each sari is printed with 504 notes of Rs. 2000 over its six meters length. The saree is highly affordable and is priced at only Rs.160 and is much in vogue in the poll-bound states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur.


Demonetisation might still be a bone of contention for many but it sure has evoked people’s creativity!

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