If you thought thong jeans was the weirdest jeans trend you have seen, then you haven’t seen the latest fashion statement. The latest bizarre fashion trend is making netizens confused because this time it is – denim underwear or denim panties – called ‘janties’. Yes, that’s true! Denim brand Y/Project’s Navy Denim Panties is available on fashion brand Ssense’s online store, can be purchased for a cool Rs 21,800 ($315).

Soon after the pictures went viral on social media, it got the internet’s attention. Twitter could not hold back its thoughts. While some called the JANTIES just ‘confusing’, hilarious memes and jokes around the garment is also a hit on social media.

Check out the reactions here:

There are many other weird denim fashion trends which baffle the netizens. From clear knee jeans, peek-a-booty jeans, thong pants to the more extreme ghost pants, the denim industry is always trying to revive jeans.