Fashion is not the only thing that sees trends, food proves, it also comes up with a list of trendy must consume products. One of the in trend diet ingredient is the detox water! Yes, this is the most massive food trend doing the rounds at the moment. If you want to try the new detox water trend to lose some weight, you have to the right place.

This video will share with you an amazing DIY recipe of detox water. Detox water is easy to make and very effective. if will hydrate your body, increase your metabolic rate and give you a flat stomach. You don’t have to always have to put yourselves through torturous diets. (ALSO READ: Do you want a sexy flat stomach? Try these 7 easy-to-do exercises at home)

All you need to grab is a couple of fruits that you would like to sip on. You can use watermelon, cucumber, lemon and mint to make this refreshing detox water. Simply chop and put all the ingredients inside a pitcher full of water and store it in your fridge. Consume the water daily for better results. (ALSO READ: Get radiant skin, shiny hair with these 6 detox smoothies)

Try to prepare it fresh to get maximum nutrients. Drinking this natural energiser detox water will keep your system cleansed and hydrated, thereby giving you an extra dose of energy. So go on, sip away!Watch the DIY detox water making video below.