In an impressive move to curb the use of plastic bottles and also ensuring food for the homeless, the Municipal Corporation of Hisar has launched a new scheme. The MC has tied up with two local restaurants/ dhabas in the city. Under the scheme, anyone who collects and gives 20 plastic bottles will be given a free meal at one of the dhabas in the city. The initiative was designed by Superintendent engineer Ramji Lal who realised that the ragpickers in the city have stopped collecting plastic bottles because there are no buyers for them after the plastic-ban.

While talking to Hindustan Times, he revealed that the plastic-ban imposed by the government stopped the junk dealers to buy plastic bottles from the ragpickers which resulted in plastic waste piling up at various places in the city. He added that they had a word with a few dhabas who readily agreed to provide a proper thaali meal to people who come to them with a set of 20 plastic bottles.

As per the plan, these two dhabas collect the bottles from the ragpickers and hand them over to the MC where the bottles are used to grow plants and to make polythene compost. The two dhabas helping the authorities are Janata Bhojanalaya and Hounda Ram Dhaba. Both the officials and the owner of the Dhabas have been lauded for their efforts by Gautam Sardana, the mayor of the city.

The scheme has not only helped in keeping a check on the plastic pollution in the city but has helped the homeless and ragpickers by ensuring them food for at least one time in a day. Your thoughts on the same?