After Narendra Modi pushed aside Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for the ‘perfect picture’ moment, a new video has emerged showing Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wiping his hands after shaking hands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While people wipe hands to take off dirt, Nadella shook off his hands immediately after shaking hands with Modi.

The incident happened at ‘Digital India’ dinner in Silicon Valley where Modi met with top CEOs of Google. Another video from Modi’s US visit that had gone viral was him pushing the Facebook founder on to a side to ensure that his photo was clicked properly. (Also Read: Narendra Modi brushed Mark Zuckerberg aside for perfect picture – Video goes viral)

Apple CEO, Time Cook was also part of the event. At the event, Cook said that Apple had a huge connection with India as late former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs went to India for inspiration. At the event, Modi shared his idea of how he wants technology to change India.