New Delhi: It’s freezing in Delhi, right? All we want to do is to sip a cup of hot coffee and forever be buried in our blankets, but sadly we have to step outside because we have schools, colleges and work to attend to.

Stepping outside, while being burdened with layers of clothing is such a massive pain and Delhiites can attest to this ‘cold’ fact. That’s why netizens have turned Twitter into a complaint box, to grumble, whine and also to joke about the weather.

Notably, the national capital has been witnessing the longest cold day spell after 12 years. Since December 16, the national capital has registered nine cold days, equal to the number recorded in 2003. The city recorded a maximum of 17 cold days in December 1997 and as per IMD’s data, that December of 1997 remains one of the coldest December for Delhi.

Meanwhile, there seems to be no respite from it as well, because according to weather department, the cold breeze and drop in mercury will continue  for another 5-6 days. As per experts, the cold spell will continue to freeze people on New Year’s Eve too.

Here’s what Twitterati had to say:

And now the jokes:

Cold wave condition is the one when the minimum temperature below 11 degrees Celsius falls down by four degrees. Not only Delhi, but many other parts of Northwest India have also been reeling under cold day conditions lately.