In what comes as a shock to many, display of non-vegetarian food in the open could soon be banned outside restaurants and eateries of South Delhi. The ban has been proposed by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation and holds for both raw as well as cooked meat displayed by shop-owners right outside their shops in a bid to attract customers. Hygiene and “sentiments of people” have been cited as the main reasons for the proposed ban. As soon as the news broke, Twitterati began expressing their displeasure on the micro-blogging site. They expressed their shock at the proposal and said it is totally unacceptable. Some joked that soon a ban might be imposed on even ordering non-vegetarian food at restaurants. 

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Escort Companies in Goa Demand Aadhar Card Details of Tourists; Twitterati Erupts With Jokes

The proposal for the ban on display of non-veg food outside restaurants and eateries was raised in a recent meeting of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) House. Councillors Raj Dutt and Nandini Sharma moved the resolution and said that food items displayed openly pose a danger of contamination and hurt the sentiments of the vegetarian public. The proposal was approved by Shikha Rai, leader of the House, who said that hygiene and “sentiments of people affected by the sight” were the primary reason on the basis of which the proposal has been accepted. But this did not go down well with the Twitterati, who said the proposal is illogical. Many pointed out that Delhi is known for its Mughlai cuisine and that Delhi had started the culture of Open Street Food including Chat.

Here is what the Twitterati has been saying about the proposed ban:

Food for thought:

Ratio and proportions:

Be less sensitive, says the Twitterati:

Not fair?

Delhi known for Mughlai food:

Dhoklas instead of Chicken?

Users accuse double-standards:

Paneer was a victim of trolls too:

Display of kebabs and shawarma is a common sight at eating joints across Delhi, and South Delhi is not an exception to this. South Delhi has several key areas serving non-vegetarian food, including Hauz Khas, Kamal Cinema in Safdarjung Green Park and New Friends’ Colony. The proposal for the ban of non-vegetarian food display has reportedly been criticised by opposing political parties, medical fraternity and the public. Now whether this proposal actually gets passed as a ban or not is something only time will tell. Until then, enjoy the sarcastic remarks by the netizens!