A disturbing video of an elephant is surfing online where an elephant is being mercilessly beaten up by its caretakers in Thrissur, Kerala. However, the helpless animal is so exhausted that he lays down whenever he tries to get away. The elephant has been chained and it’s shocking to know how badly the mahouts are beating the animal with sticks. Animal lover and Twitter user @pramodchandrase posted the video on social media with the caption, “Karnan the gentle giant, once a temple elephant being mercilessly beaten up in Thrissur, Kerala.”

There are several cases of animal cruelty that are rising across the world and it’s hard to understand why humans feel no guilt when it comes to beating animals. As the video was shared massively on social media, an animals rights organisation, ‘Voice for Asian Elephants Society’ took up this case. The organsation aims to protect and conserve endangered Asian elephants.

Watch the heartbreaking video here:


The elephant has been transferred to Palakkad and is under constant monitoring by the forest department. The case has been filed against the owner by the forest department and the mahouts are fired from the job.