Television heartthrob Rajeev Khandelwal is back with a bang. After a long time, our favourite actor is back on the small screen as a host for a Talk show called JuzzBaatt. On this show, he will also show us a more fun side to him as a host and apart from that, Rajeev will be seen interacting with celebs to know more about the person behind a celebrity, for the first time. JuzzBaatt will serve as a platform for TV actors who will open up about their struggles, fears and insecurities.

The chat show with Rajeev got off to a great start with the first guests being Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy. It was refreshing to see the real-life brothers getting candid on life, their struggles, and their love lives. The second episode of JuzzBaatt was a much special one as it had one of the most popular and loved faces of Indian Television. The guest was none other than Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress, Divyanka Tripathi, who is known for her beauty and acting skills.

Divyanka Tripathi - Karan Patel's Yeh Hai Mohabbatein To Go Off Air? Read Details

Divyanka Tripathi - Karan Patel's Yeh Hai Mohabbatein To Go Off Air? Read Details

The show with Divyanka turned out to be a major revelation fest as many facets of the gorgeous actress were revealed. From liking black coffee, being a tomboy to getting candid about her breakup, Divyanka’s shocking revelations are proof that she is nothing like you see on screen.

Divyanka Tripathi’s Revelations:

First up, the actress confessed that she likes black coffee and put the rumours to rest by saying that she isn’t pregnant. Divyanka is a professional rifle shooter and she showed her skills when put to test on the show. The actress’ mother also revealed that she was a total tomboy and wanted to be an army officer when she grew up. In fact, this one time, she beat up a boy who misbehaved with her. That’s when Divyanka revealed that if anyone takes advantage of women, God saves them from her.

Recalling the time when Zee called her for an audition for Banoo Main Teri Dulhan, Divyanka said, at first she didn’t believe and the calls kept continuing. However, after this, she along with her parents decided to give it a go. She said, she couldn’t believe she was a star, even when she saw her hoardings.

The turning point of the episode came when she talked about her relationship with Ssharad Malhotra. Divyanka was quoted as saying,  “When you are in a relationship, the aim is to make it work from both sides, and then suddenly is at a loss for words. “I am all heart” she reveals that she can’t live without love and she needs it too.” Further talking about the break-up phase, she revealed that she felt life was coming to an end. That she tried everything and started believing in superstitions. “If you have to put in so much effort to win love, then it’s best to stay alone. It took some time but finally, I realised it was not meant to be”, Divyanka said.

The actress was left awestruck, when her husband Vivek Dahiya makes a romantic entry. Divyanka revealed the time when she was interrogated and bombarded with questions by Vivek’s parents. After the conversation went on for an hour and a half, they asked her she was enacting the conversation. In fact, the fun part is the actress recalled that her mother-in-law would call her Ishita sometimes, forgetting that she was Divyanka.

The show ended with Divyanka revealing that she can’t cook, is a fan of a film called Aja Meri Jaan and confessed that she secretly eats cake.