It was good during Diwali 2015, people in India went slow on the crackers. Theses patakhas not only cause noise pollution but also air pollution, besides being harmful for animals, as well as humans, especially old people and little babies. But patakha or pataka is also a word used as slang for someone who looks good or rather hot. Viral videos maker Being Indian has taken this a step further and identified the traits of people with the kind of cracker they could be!

‘Which Patakha are you?’ asks Being Indian, who generally come out with very funny viral videos. While this Diwali 2015 special is not that funny, it’s fun all right to figure out what kind of patakha you are! Watch the video and play the ‘Which Patakha are you?’ game with your friends or Diwali guests!

Watch Being Indian video here. (ALSO SEE: Diwali 2015 Special: Ever heard of Diwali Carols like Christmas? Here are some! Video