The popular and most loved telly actress Deepika Singh, who played the character of Sandhya Rathi in Diya Aur Baati Hum has been in news since a while. Star Plus popular family drama show ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ aired its last episode on 10th September, 2016. Deepika played an IPS officer in the show and became a household name and has a huge fan following. In the last episode it was shown that the protagonists Sandhya (Deepika Singh) and Sooraj (Anas Rashid) met a fateful death in a bomb blast as they were saving the country from the terrorists. Yes, the actress has reportedly been slapped with a legal notice.

It seems as if the gorgeous diva has to pay Rs 16 lakh by the show’s producers Shashi and Sumeet. Earlier the actress informed that she did not receive her outstanding due of Rs 1.14 crore even after three months. But it seems as if the producers are in no mood to pay her dues. Soon, after that the 27-year old TV actress and producers apparently had a dispute and wanted to slash her fee to Rs 67 lakh. Now, the producers have sent a bill of Rs 16 lakh to the actress and said that she was usually late on the sets, SpotboyE reported.

The portal contacted, associate producer of Diya Aur Baati Hum and Shashi Sumeet Productions, Sheetal Somani said, “Look, let me tell you exactly. We want to deduct Rs 16 lakh as far as Deepika is concerned because she was reporting late on our sets.” Somani said, “I think she has taken the matter to CINTAA already and we shall take legal recourse.” On the other hand, Deepika told, “Let me also tell you exactly. I was on time on the sets of Diya Aur Baati Hum and I have enough proof of that.”

“Yes, Deepika did come late on the sets sometimes, but that’s because the show’s leading man Anas Rashid often turned up 6 hours late. For a 10 pm call time, Anas reported at 4 pm. What should Deepika do on the sets when the other guy (Anas) in her scenes is not around?” a source told the website. Indian Film and Television Producers Council (IFTPC) chairman J D Majethia confirmed an ugly spat between Deepika and the producers and even said, “Yes, Deepika is in a dispute with Shashi and Sumeet. But I cannot elaborate on that since the matter has not been resolved. We shall get into the details and look into the matter soon.” Few days back, Deepika got an golden opportunity to play the role of Rajesh Arora’s (Kapil Sharma’s new avatar) wife in popular comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show. ALSO READ: Diya Baati Aur Hum actress Deepika Singh said she cannot FORGIVE Anas Rashid who held her ‘Inappropriately’!

“What a shocker, considering the fact that Deepika was supposed to be paid on monthly basis,” says a source. The source adds, “Shashi and Sumeet wanted the actors to finish off their outstanding amounts (the show went off air on September 10 this year) by accepting a lump-sum amount. Deepika is not ready for any such settlement. She was the lead on the show who sweated it out almost every day on the sets, why should she allow herself to be shortchanged?”

Few days back, we also informed you all that Deepika and Anas are not on talking terms with each other. A source from Star Plus was quoted by an entertainment portal as saying, “Deepika and Anas were at loggerheads for the last 2 years, and never spoke to each other after the slapping incident.” The portal asked a source whether Anas indeed touched Deepika inappropriately, to which the source said, “God alone knows. Deepika had spoken to her show co-star Kanika Maheshwari at length about the whole incident; we suspect that Kanika suggested to her that she should slap Anas.” Soon, after the incident Deepika was quoted saying, “Anas and I are professionals. We had a misunderstanding which we then sorted out as we wouldn’t want our personal differences to reflect onscreen. Whatever we are today, we give full credit to our character of Sandhya and Sooraj for all the love and affection from our audience so I would like to tell our fans that we have resolved our differences.”

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