men pms

Do men suffer from the pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)? Well, research surely says that! Men or boys may not ‘suffer’ menstruation or get their monthly periods like the females, but when it comes to displaying symptoms of ‘that time of the month’, they sure have those! And the women couldn’t agree more!

This video shows girls calling boys “Super cranky, super bitchy”. Guys are more irritable and rude, and have more mood swings than girls – and that’s the point being made in this viral video. “They are PMSing all the time – we just do it for those four days,” says one girl. “They are more unpredictable, more irritable and crankier,” says another.

Studies show that there are days when men feel depressed, and also may suffer hot flushes and stomach cramps, back pain and headaches – all that a woman goes through in her periods. But probably men are not able to pinpoint it. Do you agree? Watch this video and let us know!