It’s Valentine’s Week and the atmosphere of love is all around. Whichever way you turn, you can see pretty pink and red hearts, heart shaped confetti, heart shaped decorations, heart shaped desserts, accessories and what nots! Heart is in fashion this one week and how! But then, while you always thought the heart was like it is shaped for decorations, you thought wrong. Or atleast, science lessons and the anatomy proved you wrong. Shaped more like our fist with red and blue ‘pipes’ running all around it, the real heart is far from the romantic notions it is made up to be of.

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What if someone presented an ultra-real version of the heart. You keep crying heart, heart all through Valentine’s week and everything is thus red and heart shaped. But then, if a real heart was presented to you, would you eat it? Or even go near it without balking? Well, folks at How to Cake It have actually created a real, anatomical heart cake! Have the heart to try this heart this Valentine’s? According to the description, this cake is not for all those in love but all those out of it! For everyone who’s ever had their heart broken or ripped out.

According to the description by Yolanda Gampp, the creator of the cake and the channel How to Cake It: “Yes.  I know Valentine’s Day is all about love, but what about all the heartbroken people out there?  Do they get a day in honor of that? I’ve decided to make a human heart cake for anyone that’s ever had their heart ripped out.”

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Rrrrr. We’re already scared! The cake is made from a red velvet cake and chocolate ganache. Coloured fondant is used for the arteries and veins and also for the entire covering. That evil looking red blood dripping out of the cake? That’s raspberry jam. Here’s what Yolanda has to say about it: ” I’m using my Deep Red Velvet cake recipe once again, and filling it with a burgundy chocolate ganache. Red and blue fondant veins, pink flesh coloured fondant to cover the whole heart and red food colouring mixed with raspberry jam to make a lot of blood.”



Absolutely epic anatomical heart cake for v-day from How to Cake It – and we thought their halloween brain cake couldn’t be topped!!! Link to full instructions at the end.Background music from BensoundPosted by Meddy Bear on Monday, 8 February 2016


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Clearly, not for the faint hearted this cake. Have this only if you are brave enough! And pssst. Whatever you do, DO NOT gift this or bake this for your Valentine’s Date unless you want to appear like a character straight from a horror movie. But if you’re the crazy types and want to try your hand at it anyways, here’s the recipe. And the complete video of the cake. Enjoy while we’re headed to watch some normal pretty normal heart shaped cuteness and banish this from giving us nightmares!