New Delhi: Not just Indians, the cuisines and dishes of our country are popular worldwide owing to their sheer variety and wholesome taste.

However, US academic Tom Nichols seems to differ as he stated on Twitter that ‘Indian food is terrible’. Yes, he really said that! The insult definitely didn’t go down well with netizens, who take a lot of pride in their food and blasted Nichols to no end.

Well, it all started when one Twitter user Jon Becker asked for “controversial food opinion”.

“Please quote tweet this with your most controversial food opinion, I love controversial food opinions,” he said. One of them was a comment from Tom Nichols who said, “Indian food is terrible and we pretend it isn’t.”


People who were offended by his statement, targeted Nichols for not appreciating the lineage of the most flavourful and diverse food culture. Some poked fun at him, saying, “You are the Donald J Trump of food”.


Food app Zomato too came up with a mind-blowing response:

A few others invited him over so that he can change his opinion about Indian food


Top Chef host, author and model Padma Lakshmi also came up with a taunt


Despite criticism from people, Nichols maintained his opinion in several other replies over tweets. He also tried to explain and said that he has tried plenty of Indian food to form an opinion.

“To be clear, I have had people trying to save me from my own opinion on this for 30 years, and I have tried just about everything they’ve asked me to try. I think it’s in my DNA not to like it,” he said.