Y Films web series Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa has been winning hearts all over India and each one of their episodes, they challenge a new taboo and a new concept that Indians are still shy to open up about. Sex is unfortunately one of the most shunned topics in the country and the children are forced to go to other sources like friends or at times even porn to understand what it is. This gives them a wrong idea most times and they get fixed notions in their heads. It can also affect their lives and make them think that sex is all that matters. it either blows up the entire situation or makes them completely disgusted with it.

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In their web series, Y Films deals not only with sex but concepts surrounding sex and sexuality. While things like condoms, sexual intercourse (how babies are made) and masturbation have been dealt with in the past, this is the first time some series is taking on ‘menstruation’ as a concept to be explained to a 7 year old boy. Pappu as usual is curious and having seen advertisements of sanitary napkins on TV, he thinks it is just a usual napkin that is used by people. So when he accidentally finds a sanitary napkin in his mother’s cupboard, he happily uses it to deal with his running nose. His family members are shocked to see him doing that but how do they deal with it?

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Do they tell Pappu to immediately throw the napkin away and never talk of it? That it is NOT for kids and he should now use it ever? Or do they make him sit and make him understand why women get their periods and why they need to use a sanitary napkin. Do you think kids as young as 7, especially boys, be told what periods are? And why women use napkins? Pappu’s pap breaks a whole lot of your myths by explaining the most complicated of concepts in the simplest of ways. After all, if they are old enough to ask about it, see it on TV and understand it, aren’t they also old enough to know what it really is? Y Films is surely making us all think and how!