Zhejiang: This story is sure to give you the creeps! In a medical case that has emerged from China’s Zhejiang province, a man complaining of headaches and seizures was stunned to find that he had over 700 tapeworm inside his body.

Recently, 43-year-old Zhu Zhong-fa, from Hangzhou in east China, was taken to a hospital after he had complained of persistent headaches and seizures. He had been suffering from the symptoms for almost a month.

After his medical checkup was done, Dr Wang Jian-rong from the department of infectious disease found out that he had taeniasis, a parasitic disease due to infection with tapeworms. A complete scan of his major organs was done thereafter, the results of which shocked the entire medical staff of the hospital.

Scans revealed the man had as many as 700 tapeworms in his brain, chest, and lungs.

Zhu then recalled that he had the hotpot about a month ago and might not have cooked the meat thoroughly.

“If it’s undercooked, the tapeworm eggs will stay alive when ingested. And if you have had the uncooked meat, there’s a chance that the tapeworms can travel through the body and inflict different diseases,” Dr Wang said.

According to World Health Organisation , when tapeworm eggs enter the central nervous system, they can cause neurological symptoms to the patient, including epileptic seizures.