Children born with rare chromosomal anomalies and congenital disorders are often abandoned or start getting worshipped in India, depending on how the public feels about the baby. In another rare occurrence a child was born with birth defects and in lieu of lack of awareness on the parents’ part he was about to be thrown in the river. The boy was born in Rajasthan with four legs, three hands and two penises and was about to be thrown into the nearby river when the local hospital played savior and offered free surgery to the child. Recently in another rare and bizarre occurrence a boy near Mumbai was found to be pregnant with his own parasitic twin and the male child was operated upon and the undeveloped twin was surgically removed.

The baby in Rajasthan was born with a parasitic twin with two extra legs and an extra penis. According to reports, the baby boy was born to Kuli Bai, 22 in Pindwara in Rajasthan. The mother’s family wanted to dump the child in the nearby river but word got round to the local hospital who offered to intervene. Doctor Bharat Pal Danda sent an ambulance to collect mother and child and the emergency surgery was done at a hospital in Jaipur. The child’s extra limbs and intestine was removed and is now recovering in the hospital. Baby Boy Born Carrying His Twin Inside Him In Thane, Parasitic Twin Successfully Removed By Doctors

Parasitic twins occur when identical twins fail to separate and the baby is born with attached tissue of an undeveloped twin that has died in the womb. He condition is so rare that it occurs in around one in a million live births. The baby boy is currently doing fine but doctors are keeping him under observation for at least a week.

Article Edited By – Vandana Srivastawa