Remember how we used to fake illness as kids to save ourselves from going to school or sometimes just to simply make our parents fulfill our silly wishes? Well, seems like this dog in Bangkok has learnt the same lesson from humans like us. In a clip that’s going viral on Twitter, a dog is seen faking a broken leg to get people’s attention for food or just for fun. In fact, a local resident revealed that a few passers-by were duped by his acting skills including she herself.

A report in Metro suggests that the girl named Thaweeporn Chongplapolkul even got the dog checked but the vets told her that he is all healthy and has his both hind limbs working fine. In the video that’s being shared widely by Twitterati show the dog, who’s named Gae, dragging his left hind leg in a very convincing manner as if it’s broken. However, as soon as a guy on his bike turns around to check on him, he starts walking fine with a naughty grin on his face. Watch this clip now:

Check out people’s reaction to the video:

The resident who took Gae to the vets told the portal that he has a habit of deceiving people by pretending to be dragging his one leg like an injured dog. She added she feeds him food regularly but he doesn’t stop pretending in front of people to get more attention.

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