Having a dog is great fun, and you can enjoy playing with a furry companion for years. The Slow Mo Guys decided to enjoy playing with a dog and do what they do best. They recorded the actions of a dog while it jumped and ran. A series of photographs shot at amazingly high speeds will give you a better perspective of what happens in a flash.

Slow motion videos reveal a lot of what happens with a dog that can be very quick. Their actions need to be recorded in a high-speed camera to be viewed at a high frame rate and enjoy what happens at real time speeds. Dogs are amazing creatures and watching them leap to catch food gets even better when you watch it in slow motion.

Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy use their high-speed camera to record the jump of the dog while a treat is lunged in the air. They also record the dog running across the field. The sprint is amazing to watch is slow motion. Watch the video below and tell us if were mesmerized like us while watching the dog in slow motion.